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You Can't Always Get What You Want

Number one reason women hate her hair is because their expectations are not realistic.

You can't alter your hair type. You must get to know your hair to know what you like and dislike about it.

Fed up with your hair? Hate it? Bun all the time?

Anyone ever tell you cannot get what you want?

Do you hate your hair?

You can not genetically alter your hair type. So, there are limitations to what you can do. That disconnects you from what you want to achieve. If it's a cut, style, product, or morning routine. Sometimes you can't have your dream hair because your own hair will not allow it. That's where I come in and tell you the tips to help you learn your hair and how to manage, care for, and style it.

Not everyone can pull off every color due to the natural hair color or skin tone. Maybe your hair is not currently strong enough . It may have damage from previous color or heat styling. We go from one extreme to another. From Dark to light and back again. Hair will not react to color well if it is damaged.

We want to achieve your hair goals but not by further damaging it to achieve the color you want. That's where I come in again to teach you how to protect your hair, prevent more damage, and get your locks healthy again.

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