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New Look, Same Pure Products

Updated: Nov 21, 2019



Loma has some exciting news! They are updating their look to be more relatable for you, my loyal customers. They have already shown off the new cleaned up logo featuring the tagline, “Naturally inspired, organically infused hair care" and will be releasing all new packaging very soon! Don’t fret Loma Lovers, all products will be the same high quality formulations, just a change on the outside. Loma is still centered on the same values that always have been:

Great hair care that’s naturally inspired, organically infused. Fragranced with essentials oils. Using some of the cleanest water in the country.  Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients available. Healthy living, being as natural as possible and good to the environment without sacrificing performance.


Loma’s packaging, with a new look, will still sit beautifully on the shelf and as it will in your shower. They have added a few things to the labels, including product information translated to French Canadian and Spanish as well as the cruelty free bunny and vegan on certain products (fiber putty and forming paste are the only products that are not 100% vegan). Of course they’ve always been cruelty free, now they’re just letting the world know.

As for the packaging itself, it now shows what it does through color and helps differentiate between product lines. For the shampoos and conditioners now have a little color to set them apart, shampoos will feature a dark band, and conditioners a lighter band, and each regimen is color coded:

Daily will be orange for the natural citrus aromatherapy of tangerine, orange and grapefruit featured in this gentle cleansing line. Moisturizing will be blue to remind us of the clean water behind this hydrating duo. Nourishing products for dry, thirsty chemically treated, will still be green, but slightly lighter. Violet will still be violet, but updated to fit with the new palette.

The styling line will also have a new look! All styling products will now be packaged in blue to differentiate from the rest of the line. The hold and shine factors will still be on the back of the bottle, but Loma styling products will also feature a band that varies based on the products' hold. Darker bands mean more hold, lighter bands mean less. The treatment line will remain the classic green they've have had since Loma was founded 30 years ago.



They may have different packaging, but still have the same dedication to natural, safe ingredients and always will!

Love, Loma and the SSS Team


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