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How to prevent damaged hair. Sun damage.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Some signs of sun damage include

☀️dry brittle strands and ends ☀️discoloration like those sun kissed highlights we get. The sun rays acts like bleach on our hair. ☀️hair has a dry look and feel ☀️won’t hold a curl

Your hair is more vulnerable to sun damage when it is light colored. It lacks the pigment and thickness that protects your stands and your scalp. Go out later in the day and wear hats, headbands, or scarfs. Include a sunceeen protectant on your hair also. Use a Volumizing product to plump up your stands to help cover your scalp. Yes, that volume actually works. It helps the hair protect your scalp from those rays.

There are easy ways to repair sun-damaged hair

Rinse with cool water

After you wash and condition your hair, rinse with a blast of cool water. This seals up the hair cuticles, locking in that much-needed moisture from the conditioner.

Stick to sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfates can cause problems for damaged hair because it strips natural oils. Reduce frizz and excessive dryness by avoiding this ingredient as much as possible.

Go for regular trims

Making sure you get rid of split ends, especially important if your hair is dry from heat damage. Cutting off the ends will get rid of the most of the damaged areas of your hair.

Try a Deep Conditioning mask

When blended with oil, its a fantastic masque that adds nutrients to the hair, making the ends less frizzy, hair shinier, even adding strength. Apply deep conditioner before sun exposure

If you're heading to the beach, avoid worsening the damage by applying deep conditioner before you go out. Bonus if you rinse it out with our COLD Lake Superior water!

Use aloe vera

Although we tend to associate aloe vera with skincare, its repairing effects are also beneficial to your hair. Loma haircare oils are a wonder product if your scalp and hair are sun damaged – apply it to both and let it sooth and revive.

Sunscreen for the hair!

Loma's Fortifying Reparative Tonic combines the best of hair protection with hair rejuvenation for silkier radiant hair too. Mix it with Loma deep conditioner for an intensive formula to instantly rebuild the internal structure of the hair while soaking up sun on the beach.

Check out the other blog posts for more helpful tips!

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