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Why is my hair breaking and how to prevent it

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Can you see your hair flying all over the air, your shirt, and your sink while you're brushing it?

Could it be your hair is actually breaking off?


What is hair breakage?

Hair breakage is exactly what it sounds like. It is actually broken hair! I know this can sound pretty scary. The cuticles of overlapping little scales that keep your hair strands together start to fall apart and separate. It's like when you look down on your clothes after brushing your hair, and you see a bunch of tiny little pieces of small hair all over your shirt, and you dont have any pets. Or you're getting ready and curling or straightening your hair at the sink in the bathroom, and you look down and feel like you're uncontrollably shedding little pieces of hair all over the place.


What causes hair breakage?

  • Lack of moisture

  • Too much heat styling and no heat protectant

  • Too much over processing with chemicals

  • Friction of being a crazy tossing and turning sleeper

  • Towel drying

  • Over shampooing

  • Skipping regular haircuts

  • Skipping deep conditioning treatments

  • You are what you eat-Bad diet

  • Thyroid problems or hormonal imbalance


How to prevent hair breakage

A good routine with your hair should help prevent breakage. Start with the right shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is dry and lacking moisture, try Loma hair care moisturizing shampoo and treatment. Something else to try is a leave-in treatment that can come in the form of a spray or an oil. If you feel you don't have the time to put the third product in your hair after you get out of the shower, leave it in the shower next to your shampoo and conditioner bottle. Apply it to your hair before you towel off. Make sure not to be too rough with your towel on your hair. Too rough of a rubbing motion will break down the hair itself. Detangle your hair with your fingers or wide-toothed comb while it is wet. Hint- keep that wide toothed comb in the shower too. Your hair is very elastic and will stretch more while wet. Try to only use a hairbrush when your hair is dry.

Too much heat styling will take the moisture out of your hair. Heat styling will make your hair break over time. If you heat style every day you must not forget to use a heat protectant. You can try one like Loma's calming cream. To get a two in one you can use Loma's fortifying tonic to strengthen and protect against heat. To prevent overall heat damage, you give your hair a break from hot styling tools. Invest in a ceramic heat styling tool. They heat up more evenly preventing hotspots on the iron.

The struggle is real when it comes to keeping healthy and strong hair when you color it. Drastic changes and lighter hair color contribute to hair breakage. Tell your stylist to upgrade your coloring service with a bond builder, like olaplex, that prevents hair breakage during lightning services. Want to use the same ingredient we use in our upgraded haircolor treatment? Keep reading to use the questionnaire to help find the BEST #1 olaplex take home bond building kit.

The friction from your pillowcase fabric of cotton or flannel can cause weaker hair strands plus more damage. Especially if you toss and turn all night. Change your pillowcase to a silky smooth one.

Over-washing strips your natural oils from your scalp and hair which takes away your hairs moisture. Definitely try not to wash every day. Wash your hair three times a week. Rinsing your hair in between can help you feel clean. Try a dry shampoo like Loma's between washes to help keep your volume.

If you skip regular haircuts be sure you are deep conditioning your hair at home. When you skip regular haircuts your split ends will split and peel up the hair shaft and continue to split farther up the hair. This will cause your ends to start looking thin and spars.

A good deep conditioner is not the same as the regular conditioner you use regularly. A deep conditioner has more concentrated ingredients to better strengthen and coat the hair. These treatments are also called hair masks. They will restore your hair's natural shine, moisturize the hair and scalp, improve elasticity, and prevent breakage.

If you have an unhealthy diet your hair will also be unhealthy. Your hair grows from the nutrients from your body. If you're not eating enough protein, vitamins, and minerals your hair will not have them either.

Hypothyroidism or under active thyroid can cause many symptoms with your hair also. Your hair can become dry and brittle. Dry brittle hair can easily break off.

Don't forget as I stress all the time, wearing a tight elastic with wet hair will also stretch the hair out and cause breakage. Don't wear your pony in the same spot every day. Change it up and do a low pony, side pony, or top not.

Breakage Sucks! But there's good news. Most hair breakage can be corrected with lifestyle and product changes.


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