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Firm Hold Hairsprays Review

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

From the Style Garage.

Both are perfect for locking down a style without build-up!

Loma offers a clean and straightforward approach to healthy hair and a sustainable environment making these hairsprays like no other!

The firm hold hairspray is an excellent finishing spray for all-day hold and incredible shine, and can be layered for a firmer hold. It controls static and is humidity resistant, providing all of the hold, all of the shine, all the time. The hairspray is also infused with a Raspberry Aromatherapy scent!

Loma’s Firm Hold Hairspray Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Gel - The ultimate healing plant most effective on skin and hair. Castor Oil - Excellent conditioning effects on the hair and scalp. Rich in natural moisturizers and nutrients for healthier hair. Lavender - Soothes the hair and skin for healthy results. Fennel Seed - Extends all hair color vibrancy by killing excess peroxide and ammonia residue left over after color services. Sunflower Seed - Reduces the fading of all hair colors and helps to repair UV damage. Panthenol - Vitamin B-5 that is derived from natural sources imparts moisture to the hair. Tocopherol – Sunflower based organic Vitamin E rich in natural anti-oxidants for protection of the hair and skin.

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