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Dry Shampoo Review

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Loma Dry Shampoo quickly removes dirt and impurities from the hair, with the aromatherapy of fresh pear. Read our review on Loma Dry Shampoo from The Style Garage.

We reviewed Loma’s NEW Dry Shampoo to see what beginner and experienced dry shampoo users thought of it, and to see if it was another impressive product we have come to expect from Loma.

Hair Type Kayla: Fine/medium, red/brown hair color, and medium length. Recently experienced postpartum hair loss from post pregnancy and is a dry shampoo junkie! Ashley: Has coarse, thick hair, and occasionally uses dry shampoo. Jenni: Has fine, brunette hair and rarely uses dry shampoo.

What did you know about the product before you used it? Kayla: It’s NEW! Ashley: Nothing Jenni: I really like Loma products and knew this product had a fresh pear scent, which I like.

What stood out to you? Kayla: I loved the smell and loved how I didn’t need to spray a lot. I let it sit on my hair for about a minute. It was white like other dry shampoos, but when I massaged it into my hair, the white residue was gone right away. It gave me the perfect matte finish that I love! Ashley: I really liked that it was so light. Jenni: The scent is amazing, and it easily blended in with my brown hair

What does it smell like? Kayla: Fruity, apples, and pears Ashley: Lavender Jenni: Pear and lavender

What does it feel like in your hair? Kayla: I loved how it gave my hair some grip but did not feel tacky like some dry shampoos. Ashley: Very light Jenni: Not like other dry shampoos! This was very light; it provided texture without that tacky feeling, and my hair still felt soft.

What change did you notice after using it? Kayla: It absorbed the oil in my hair almost instantly and gave my hair that 2nd-day, lived in feel that I wish I could have every day! Ashley: It didn’t weigh my hair down at all. Jenni: My hair still had natural movement, looked freshly washed, and the dry shampoo provided just the right amount of volume and texture I was looking for.

Who or what would it be good for? Kayla: Busy moms, college students, people who hate washing their hair every day or who can’t wash every day (or are too lazy!) Ashley: Any hair type! Jenni: Anyone! You can use it in place of washing or to add a little extra texture and volume!

Would you use it again? Kayla: YES!! I think this might be my new favorite dry shampoo!! #runningondryshampoo Ashley: Yes! Jenni: YES! I wasn’t a huge fan of dry shampoo until I used Loma’s Dry Shampoo!

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