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Why is my hair yellow? Why is my hair orange? Why is my hair brassy?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020


Do you always hear your stylist say your hair just pulls warm, brassy, or yellow?

Do You know that hair lingo?

  • My hair pulls warm

  • Your hair is just too red

  • Your hair pulls brassy

  • Your hair lightens too warm

I want you to look at the swatch examples below. Every time Your hair is lightened it will “pull warm”

WELL... Let me tell you a little information that might blow your mind. First, take a look at this picture below and see the underlying pigment of all these colors from 10-1. The underlying pigment or accompanying undertones of all these hair colors from 10-1 have something in common. They are all warm, brassy, yellow, orange and red. Do any of those terms sound familiar?

EVERYONE pulls warm, yellow, orange, or red, all those colors if your hair is dark brown/black.

Instead of explaining the exact steps and chemistry of hair color, I will simplify this. When you lighten your hair any shade lighter than the current color, there will always be accompanying undertones.

Yes, even if you are naturally blonde. These accompanying undertones are revealed anytime you want a lighter color. "bleaching" lightening or permanent lightening color.

You know how the sun lightens your hair? That also reveals those underlying/accompanying undertones-yellow, orange, red. Same goes for swimming. The chorine in a chemically treated pool will lighten your hair revealing those undertones. Sometimes the peroxide in a face wash may do the same around your hairline. When your professional hair color is faded past the 4-6 week retouch period it may start showing those unwanted undertones too.

Make sense? Whoa! I know right?

It is our job as a stylist to understand what your end goal hair color is. We would like to be able to change the color of your hair to an icy silver without compromising the integrity of the hair.(without it breaking or melting away) To lighten hair a number of shades on unhealthy hair would not have a great outcome. We like to work with you while keeping your hair and skin safe. To be sure your hair will remain intact and your skin will have gentle formulas to not chemically burn you. We will sometimes need more than one appointment to reach your final hair goal. Hair fortifying treatments may be required before being able to achieve your desired goal.

What is a toner for hair? It can easily help keep the yellow, orange, and red colors you dont want. Check out What is a toner and why dose it cosy money?

Other times it may be as simple to us as properly evaluating your current hair color and condition. We can custom mix the right tones into your existing color formula to prevent unwanted tones.

We are here to enhance your beauty to make you look and feel your best.

Go ahead and evaluate your hair and what you like and dislike about your hair color. We would love for you to send us some hair goal pictures on our new guest consult form. We promise it only takes about 2 minutes to fill out and send. We will get in touch with you 24-78 hours after we receive your answers

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