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Bangs or Not?

Chopping some bangs because your bestie or fav influencer has them? You should wait until you read this!

The right shape bang can be used to contour your face. Used to soften angles and create stronger lines. Can widen areas or slim areas. May make you look and feel younger.

Consider This

  • Bangs need to be styled daily. Yes, every morning.

  • They are not wash and wear.

  • Immediately part, comb, and dry them.

  • If you want long bangs they will need to be trimmed every 2-4 weeks.

  • Do you workout often? How will you pull them back? Headband? Clips?

  • Is your forehead oily? Bangs may need daily washing or could cause breakouts.

  • The straight ends of your bangs will spike out of your high ponytail.

  • You can have bangs with naturally curly hair and styled straight or curly.

  • If curly prepare yourself for any cowlicks

  • You may need to practice styling bangs a few times before perfecting it.

  • Do you love changing your hairstyle? They are fun to grow out too.

  • Do you like hairspray?

  • Boyfriend breakup bangs should deff get a second thought. KEEP READING

Square shaped faces

Look best with soft lines like fringe and pieces that graze the corner of the eyes and eyebrows. Allow your forehead to peek thru. Long side swept bangs will soften your facial features. Long hair with a thick full fringe are edgy and can take years off your look. Keep the sides fringy and longer to avoid hard blunt straight lines

Round Face

Create angles that make your face appear longer. Thicker side swept bangs are better then see thru fringe bangs for round shapes. Too wispy may be too soft. If you like a more full blunt bang the trick is to keep the curve with the curve of your eyebrows.Longer on the sides and shorter in the middle.

Heart shaped face

Avoid blunt shaped bangs. It is like a stripe int he wrong area. Your forehead will be highlighted and have the illusion of being wider. Best too have very long sweeping bangs and layers below the chin. For a shorter fuller bang go with long and layered with only textured ends. no blunt cuts recommended here. Looks best when cut just below the brow with a little longer on the sides.

Oval face shape

You can get any bangs to look great!

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