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Superior Salon And Spa Team

Stephanie Perrier

I love the beauty industry. I love how I can make people feel better by boosting  confidence with a hairstyle, simple eyebrow shaping, and calming spa treatments. 


When I was a little girl I loved playing anything beauty. I never cut my barbie's hair only braided and brushed it. I had tons of kid play makeup sets and hair accessories.  I even snuck around cutting my bangs with plastic clown shaped scissors. Rainbow Bright had the best orange hair and blunt bangs and my little girl self looked up to her. I also looked up to my mother and knew that she felt confident after her get ready for the day morning routine sessions. I sat on the bathroom counter watching her use all her hair products and makeup and don't forget the fancy roll on deodorant. I had one of those too. It all smelled so good! I was young but still knew I was ready for the world after the morning routine. 


I've grown up born and raised in the upper peninsula. I'll be sticking around here. I have lots of family close by. It is so important to be around family. When I'm home I spend quality time with my husband and kids. And our little pet zoo too. We cuddle on the couch watching movies or try not to laugh utube clips all while eating popcorn and donckers chocolates. 


When I'm not watching Netflix I'm outdoors gardening in the backyard, biking, and pushing kids in swings.  Weekends are spent at camp on the lake fishing, kayaking, hiking, having bonfires, picking berries and apples. I always make sure I still look effortlessly good while doing it. 


I love drinking tea and mochas while further developing my education. It's usually within my industry but I also love anything with personal growth and motivation. 


I love my career path I've chosen. It all started in 2001 at Regis Salons. My favorite part has been being able to teach my guests and team how to be successful in the art of the beauty industry. I always say how amazing it would have been to have smartphones to capture the many pictures of each different style a person has had over the many years. I always keep up with the new styles and techniques. I continue my education weekly. It is so rewarding to see the expression on your face when you absolutely love what I have done. 

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Stephanie Carello

I love making people feel better the moment they walk in the door. On the weekends you can find me sleeping in and spending quality time with my family.

I never miss out on people magazine and trending reality t.v.

I specialize in blending away your grey and calming spa facials.

When I have free time at the salon, you'll find me sipping on flavored coffee watching my online education to keep furthering my career.

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