First of all, virtual hug, pat on the back and high-five because this is not easy!



In order to keep our community safe

We will continue to follow our LARA state guidelines and our governor's order

New appointment steps

  • Wait until previous guest exits

  • Facial covering required for entire appointment -looped around the ear is best

  • Carry in as little personal items as possible

  • Complete Appointment Registration form below 

  • Pass a temperature check 

  • Sanitize hands

I, Stephanie Perrier will be considering the booking times between guests for new guidelines, single booking, longer consultation times and more time to connect. I know you and I are craving human connection! So, I am now here to give it to you! 

We keep clients and guests to a minimum. Only one service provider is in the salon at a time.

Superior Salon and spa has temporarily disabled online booking due to the virus and everyone needing to have a flexible schedule at this time.  All cancelation fee's have also been waved until March 2021. Get in touch with or make an appointment with Stephanie Beltrame/Perrier at 906-361-2948  Texting works best.

Because of the demand for appointments, Stephanie Beltrame/Perrier has opened a premium pricing day for rating myself overtime outside of my regular work schedule. I will not be coming in early, staying late, or squeezing anyone in.  I have created this premium Tuesday pricing day for me to come in on my day off to accommodate you. Any appointment that is scheduled on a Tuesday will have premium pricing as it is outside hours from my regular work schedule.  To avoid Premium Pricing please don't book on Tuesday. 


I'm here to celebrate that I am back better than ever! The gift of time during shut down expanded our knowledge and education with online classes and tutorials 


There will be a stable season soon to come as the pandemic evolves!

As of right now, Stephanie Carello will be coming back at a later date.  I know you are all as excited to see her as I am!  She misses you all and appreciates every single one of you! Please give her some peace of mind and the time to prepare herself for properly coming back to work!   





You must register before entering the salon, please take the time to fill out the information below before your scheduled appointment.