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Welcome New Guest

This is what you can expect and plan for on your first visit with your hairstylist.

We want you to feel pampered in a relaxing clean environment.  A little get away from reality. We have a passion for what we do.

We want your experience to be friendly.  We're here to customize and personalize your service to your needs.

You'r experience starts when you're requesting appointments through our online booking system. Your appointment will be made for the date and time that you choose. You will receive confirmation through email or text that you signed up for. You will also receive a reminder 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

When you arrive we'll get you comfortable. You can relax and have a glass of wine, cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea, or water. We would love for you to Log into our Wi-Fi and pull up your Hair goal pictures.


We will have a thorough consultation.You will be asked many questions.  Not only on your first visit but many after. We like to have a thorough plan for each and every visit.  Then we can create a long-term plan to keep you and your hair  happy.  All while full filling your hair goals. We absolutely love looking at your pictures, screenshots and pinterest boards.  We like to discuss what you currently like and dislike about your hair.  We will ask you what your styling regimen is. How long it takes you and how long you would like to spend on your hair.  We will prescribe at home hair care and tell you how you can maintain your style at home.  We'll recommend reserving your next appointment before you to leave. That way we can prevent you from having that one week or two of really crazy bad hair days.

We really do love showing off our great work and our awesome customers. We'll probably take a gorgeous hair picture or a selfie with you.

Here is a map of our reserved parking spaces up the hill driveway for Superior Salon and Spa.

You may come in through our handicapped accessible backdoor.Or come up the stairway throughout the front porch.

Parking is also available on third street.

Please, call us or send us a direct message on Facebook if you have any questions.

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